• The Perfect Job – Our goal is to place you in the job you want in the location you most desire.  We have been leveraging careers of IT professionals since 1991.      
  • Cost – Our services to candidates are free as client companies pay all of our fees.
  • Marketing Capabilities – Through our extensive network, we are able to market your IT skills in any US market.
  • Confidentiality - CBI will observe strict confidentiality.  We will not present your resume to any client company without first speaking with you and getting your permission.
  • Respect – CBI respects everyone’s specific, unique, needs.  We will do our best to get you the job you desire and we work with you as a team.    
  • Availability – During your active search (meaning we have a client interviewing you for an active requirement) we are available to you 24x7.  
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