Sean Napoles believes corporations have a social responsibility to make this world a better place. CBI tries to do their part by donating a portion of each/every placement fee to a not-for-profit charity. The three charities which we actively support are:

Canine Companions for Independence : This organization trains dogs for handicap (wheelchair) individuals. These dogs allow their handicap owners to lead more independent lives by helping out with chores that most of us take for granted (i.e. opening up doors, picking up items that fall on the floor, etc.). The founder and President of CBI, Sean Napoles, is currently raising/training his 6th CCI dog, Boulder, pictured to the right.

Wednesday’s Child : This is a great organization that helps children get adopted. Most are school-aged and some have physical, mental or emotional disabilities. Many have experienced some degree of neglect or abuse and some are brothers and sisters who want to stay together.

The Family Place
: The Family Place services began as the first shelter for battered women and their children in the state of Texas, and has become one of the largest and most comprehensive family violence agencies in the nation.

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