Information to Accompany Your Resume

Just like a Realtor needs “key” information from you to find a home you will actually buy (i.e. how much home can you afford, what part of town do you want, what type of home, etc), CBI needs information from you to ensure we identify a client/job that will interest you.

We are more than happy to offer our (free) services to you but we require that you provide us with information that will enable us to do our job efficiently.

1. Current residency status (US Citizen, Green Card, etc)?
2. Reason(s) you are looking for a new job at this time?
3. Briefly describe the type of position you are seeking.
4. Current or last base salary?
5. To find a new job, will you move to another city/state? Which one(s)?
6. For the locations you provided above, what base salary are you expecting?
7. What is the most (%) you will travel?
8. When is your earliest start date?

Please email your resume, in MS-Word, along with the above information to:

Sean Napoles | 469-384-1766 | |