How We Review Our Resumes

Resumes sent to us for a specific, open, requirement: Your resume will be reviewed within one business day. If you are a match, we will immediately contact you. If you submit a resume for a specific job and do not hear back from us within two business days, it is safe to assume we did not view you as a good match. However, we are not perfect. At times we will overlook something and/or you will not have a resume tailored to our specific search (and we did not see “key” information that shows you have the required skills). If you feel strongly that you match a job and have not heard back from us, please review the requirements for said job(s) and email us a 2nd time with a brief cover letter pointing our how you meet each stated requirement. If/when you do this, please put the words, “SECOND TRY” in the subject line along with said job(s) you believe you match.

Resumes sent to us for general review (not for a specific search): Most individuals are not aware of the volume of resumes a search firm, such as ours, receives on a daily basis. On average, we get 300+ resumes, per day, 7 days a week (after all, there is a reason it is called the World Wide Web!). Because of this volume, it is impossible for us to contact everyone that submits a resume and let them know the exact reason they have not been contacted. We would love to find ALL of you a job but, again, that is not realistic. Trust us though, if we feel we have a potential client that would be interested in your background, we will contact you ASAP.

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